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How Do I Teach My Kid To Save for the Future?

Do you want a phone or your savings account to grow?  I actually ask this as they come back EACH AND EVERY MONTH with the same question.

So far no phone, and a nice savings account.

Spring Cleaning: Simple Steps toward a “Cents” of Accomplishment

When cleaning the house, the task starts begrudgingly.  Gradually, you are Mary Poppins snapping stuff into place!


A Spender, A Saver...Where's the Bliss?

Keeping up with the Joneses is an exercise without positive results...

Singular Financial Advice for Single Parents

Parenting by oneself has its blessing and challenges.  Let's be sure the financial topics are addressed.

New Baltimore's Child Columnist Is All About Dollars and Sense

What an opportunity!  I get to write about a subject for which I have great passion.

A short introduction to LONG-term care

Many more individuals, and couples are shown to need care in aging.  How do you afford it without spending all your savings.  There are solutions.

Do I Really Need Life Insurance?

The short answer is more often yes, But could be maybe... Oh, confusion.  Let's clear it up!

Like Taking Credit from a Baby: Identity Theft Can Strike Kids, Too

Identity theft strikes everyone, can really interrupt your lifestyle and is frustrating. 

Oh, give me a HOME...

Many know I built a house this year.  Wow, an undertaking to say the least.  Here's a look back to our first purchase, not much changes...

It Takes Two to Make a Budget

Budget with your family - keep the communication open.  Here's how.